Episode 3 Greece with Vakis

Vakis is from Denmark with Greek origins. He’s fluent in Greek and has family living in Kalymnos, Greece. Vakis will be sharing his thoughts on the Greek island life and some of the adventures of mainland, Athens. Here are some recommendations of Athens if you’re curious!

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If you’re hungry go eat at:

Eleas Gi (In Kifisia Map) One of the better restaurants

Psarakia kai thalassina (Eat your face off in seafood for very cheap. Map)

Same place in Chalandri (Map)


Fast and gross:

Ta kalamakia (it’s the best souvlaki in town. €1 per stick. Map)

Michalakopoulou (It’s a food truck on the road of the same name, ask for the Vromiko) You can only do this drunk. (only open at night. Map)


If you need a drink:

Maimou Bar (In general a good area for drinks. Map)

BIOS (Coolest bar in Athens with a great view of the Acropolis on the rooftop. Map)

Kolonaki (Cool area filled with bars and “small” nightclubs. Map)

Vive Mar (Cool beach bar, a bit on the fancy side. Map)


If you want to try something new:

The nightclubs in Athens are called bouzoukia. It’s a special venue where you go to see an artist sing. It’s a fun experience, you are sat by a table and can buy flowers that you throw at the artist, while getting a good buzz on. 2 good ones are:

  1. Athinon Arena (Map)
  2. Caramela (Map)

Dress code: Black tie. This is as Greek as it gets.



Monastiraki (Loads of tiny shops. Sells good quality leather products. Map)

Plaka – The old town (Long street with loads of vendors. Watch your pockets. Map)

Kolonaki (High end shopping Map)

Glyfada (Shopping by the sea. Map)


When you need a dip in the sea:

Yabanaki Beach, Varkiza (Good beach, close to good restaurants. Map)

Astir Beach (Best beach in Athens. Map)

Grecotel beach area (Amazing view and great place to swim. Map)


What you need to see:

Akropolis (Map)

Theatre of Dionysus (Map)

Monastiraki (Map)

Syntagma square and the guard shift by the parliament building across the road from the square (Map)

Glyfada (See shopping and drinks recommendations)


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